Campus Organizer Intern

Posted: Mar 29, 2017 (3 months ago)

Company Specifications

Company Name:
The Humane League
Company Size:
10-50 employees
Company Description:
The Humane League is a 501c3 international farm animal protection organization. We work relentlessly to reduce animal suffering, through grassroots education to change eating habits and corporate campaigns to reform farm animal treatment. The mission of The Humane League, why we exist, is to reduce animal suffering by inspiring change at all levels. This sense of purpose drives every action in our unrelenting march forward for animals.

Job Specifications

Position Title:
Campus Organizer Intern
Are you interested in a career in the animal protection movement? Do you want to learn about effective activism for animals and high-impact tactics to reduce animal suffering? Would you like to become a more adept community organizer and advocate for animals?
The Humane League’s international Campus Outreach Program seeks to train and mentor the next generation of effective animal advocates working on behalf of farmed animals. We are recruiting Campus Organizers at colleges and universities for the Fall ‘17 - Spring ‘18 academic year to join a team of some of the most effective animal activists in the country.
The Campus Organizer role is an excellent introduction to professional animal advocacy for farmed animals, and students in this position will gain special insight into the animal protection movement. The Humane League is pleased to provide career advice for Organizers as well as letters of recommendation and information on positions within the movement.
Campus Organizers will report to the Campus Outreach Department, which will provide all necessary materials and support for the position. This internship position pays a $500 stipend per semester upon completion and each Organizer is expected to work approximately 50 hours per semester. No prior advocacy experience is required for this entry-level position. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis.
Accepted Campus Organizers will attend The Humane League's International Campus Outreach Conference, a pre-semester all-staff training retreat on the East Coast of the U.S., on August 10-13. Applicants who are unsure of their availability for our conference are still encouraged to apply!
Primary Duties will include:
-Learning tactics for effective communication and advocacy for farmed animals through direct coaching and mentorship from THL staff
-Strengthening leadership skills and serving as a campus expert on factory farming and veg eating
-Building a new or developing an existing student club to expand the pro-veg or animal welfare presence on campus
-Extending the Humane League’s core programs to the campus level by coordinating campaign actions, outreach actions, and community-building events as directed by your supervisor
-Engaging the community to help animals, covering the issues of factory farming and how students can get involved
-Developing public speaking skills to give presentations in front of classrooms, student groups, and at club events
-Approaching students one-on-one in high-traffic areas, at popular events, or while tabling
-Motivating and managing a network of club members and volunteers, training them in effective advocacy to maximize their potential to help animals and fostering the growth of the club"
****Please apply at
"- Be enrolled as a student at a college or university within the United States or Canada
- Confidence and a can-do attitude
- Strong interpersonal communication skills: the ability to persuade others, effectively communicate The Humane League’s mission, speak comfortably in a public setting, and establish friendships and friendly connections through networking is essential. This is the most important quality for the position
- Self-motivation: the ability to set your own schedule, manage to-do lists, and carry out tasks in a timely, efficient manner
- Understanding of the issues: applicants should be well versed in all issues related to factory farming and vegetarianism/veganism
- Professionalism: Campus Organizers must dress and act professionally when necessary in order to achieve our campaign, education, and fundraising goals
- Ability to receive leaflets and lift and carry these 20-30 lb. boxes"
United States - Nationwide

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Chris Guinn