Part-time Production Assistant/Graphic Designer in SLO

Posted: May 24, 2017 (about 1 month ago)

Company Specifications

Company Name:
The UPS Store 4581
Company Size:
10 or fewer employees
Company Description:
The UPS Store 4581 provides clients with unique solutions ranging from graphic designing & printing to packing & shipping. We strive to create the best experience for our clients by never missing an opportunity to be excellent.
As experts in printing, packing and shipping, we are an amazing resources for a great number of local businesses and individuals in San Luis Obispo and beyond.
Mailing Address:
3940-7 Broad St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Job Specifications

Position Title:
Part-time Production Assistant/Graphic Designer in SLO
This position is designed to work hand and hand as an assistant to a GrC graduate who is a principal member building our print business. It has been created as a result of our business success. It is a year round position that can adjust to class schedules with the possibility of converting to a full time position after graduation. In this position, you will learn to take a project from design to production – providing design and edits, job costing and print recommendations to clients ranging from the complete novice to the seasoned designer or print professional. We estimate approximately 20-25 hours of work per week.
Your training and experience will include multiple aspects of print production such as customer service, print sales, estimating, graphic design, prepress, production planning, hands-on laser and inkjet print production, and bindery. This is a multi-transactional position that will utilize and increase the knowledge and experience of the qualified applicant in all aspects of our print department.
Education and/or Experience Preferred:
• Minimum 2-year experience with Adobe Creative Software and Microsoft Office.
• Minimum 1-year experience or a 2-year degree in graphic production/design or related field.
• Knowledge and application of printing concepts.
• Production scheduling experience.
• Project management skills.
• Production experience with digital printing equipment.
• Production experience with bindery equipment.
• Customer service and sales experience in a print production environment.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Other Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to work with customers and coworkers in establishing a final product that exceeds expectations.
• Manual hand dexterity required to operate equipment, process jobs and access supplies.
California - Central Coast
Customer Service
Print Production

Contact Information

Brent Kostiw